About Us

Our History

Started operations in January 2000 with a team of IT professionals whose drive was to make Information technology solutions easily accessible to the public, providing a personal touch and a quality interface to resolve technology problems and bridge technology gaps.

The core business of the company at inception was:

  1. System support services
  2. Sales and Supply of I.T products
  3. IT training
  4. Education Consult

Our Team

The company currently includes seasoned, young professionals with a cumulative experience of over 20 years in the ICT field, ranging from core technical solutions to IT and project management across various industries within and outside the African continent.

Our Work

As part of our determination to deliver quality IT solutions within African technology space, Swift-Ace Venture expanded its services, to include the following:

  1. IT Consulting (including Networking, Site Surveys, Audits and Implementation)
  2. Advance Network & Security Services
  3. Project management Service
  4. Education Consult
  5. Sales and Supply of I.T products

Our Clients

Over time, our numerous clients have ranged from individuals and small businesses, to government agencies, and corporate organizations. For us at Swift-Ace Venture the nature of Information communication technology, being dynamic, means that technology is constantly changing; our forward thinking approach means we not only reflect those changes, but we help pioneer the change. We are conscious of the skill gaps and huge digital divide and has built customized programs focused on closing these gaps and divides by providing cost effective ICT training solution for Schools at all levels delivering online content with cost effective infrastructure And our one-on-one approach means our clients get a personal touch from professionals who have the best interest of the client-company at heart.

We are committed to finding technology solution that meet or exceed customer expectations. We focus on ensuring that the customer technology interface is SIMPLE, EASY TO USE, SCALABLE and COST EFFECTIVE.